‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ means ‘Treat your guest as god’

Atithi means one who comes without any prior notice or comes suddenly. Such a person who comes without any notice is called as Deva or God.

We Celebrate India

At City Explorers Pvt. Ltd.(CEPL®) we live by the meaning of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. We inculcate the value of true customer service by being proactive, guest centric and demonstrate the skills and qualities that needed to serve to our customers every minute. We educate and train our staff on customer service and being able to meet the needs of different customers. We are Inclusive, Optimistic and Experiential; offering exciting India discoveries. India has a new story to share at each step, an ancient tradition to relive at every nook and cranny, a medieval structure to upkeep at every turn of the road and a modern interpretation to listen at the end of the road. We have travelled widely, experienced different cities, monuments, cuisine, culture of our own nation in varied shades and lights.

About us

City Explorers Private Limited (CEPL®) is to facilitate experiences delivery and promote better understanding of India’s cultural identity through tourism offerings. Personalised and diversified tourism products are integrated with thematic content and operated through our award winning flagships such as India City Walks (ICW®), Delhi Walks®, India Heritage Walks®, Storytellers of India®, India With Locals®, India City Discovery (ICD®), India Food Trails etc.

The niche products curated by ‘CEPL ®’ integrates Indian subcultures in the form of ‘Handpicked India®’ and ‘Curated India®‘ experiences that involves local communities. Through sustainable tourism practices we enable itineraries with strong storyline on food, entertainment, travel & craftsmanship. We also invest in substantial resources to promote transformative travel & create unique offerings for our clients.

We bring India closer to the world

We align experiential activities to enhance tourism service delivery performance through value co-creation. Our host led activities and authentic local experiences provide exceptional added value while being purpose-led and support community based initiatives. We bring uniqueness in itineraries that enables the visitor to connect with India through experiential offerings within a short timeframe. Our responsible tourism methods enhance regional exploration providing unlimited potential through travel design and delivery of experiences. We match tourism products and visitor profiles with assumed scenarios that can add value to itineraries through real life experiences. We enhance health and hygiene impact while creating inspiring itineraries.

We support creative thinking, collaboration and the effective use of technology to enhance tourism businesses. We are passionate about responsible travel and love to talk about it with you.

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We bring innovation to city sightseeing and keep a people-centred approach to heritage. We build connections between people, places and culture integrating unique exploration of biodiversity, forests, rivers. We always nurture local ownership and shared responsibility for more inclusive and sustainable engagement.

We’re Purist ® and along with our partners we adhere to the values of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ to plan all logistics, transportation, accommodations, with our team of Culture Insider ®  you will be able to gain access to local experiences in a unique way.

For small or large groups advance reservations required.

Connect with us at
info@indiacitywalks.com   |  +91 989 969 2790


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